#EatLikeALocal: Thai people and their love for buffet


I kid you not. Thai people love all you-can-eat buffet. Observe the long queue in the shopping mall, of people waiting to get in to those chain buffet restaurants. 

Today D and I had impromptu lunch at KimJu Korean Royal Cuisine at Union Mall. There’s nothing royal / grand about this place,  just a normal Korean chain restaurant with branches everywhere. The food is okay and not too expensive, and it has both a la carte as well as buffet menu. Being a picky-kimchi eater, the kimchi here has my seal of approval, so this is a plus point.

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Omotenashi, The Heart of Japanese Hospitality


Japanese is well-reputed for their top-notch service. The service culture of Japan always over-delivers, that it is ingrained in them. 

Omotenashi is at the heart of Japanese hospitality. They believe that good service attracts good customers.

“The hosts anticipate the needs of the guest in advance and offers a pleasant service that guests don’t expect.” Muneyuki Joraku

There’s a 8:2 marketing theory, which means that 80% of the sales is produced by the 20% of the customers. So, the quality of the service leads to the satisfaction of the customer, and their frequency of visits decides future of the company.  Not only that, in this modern age, social media is the king of word-of-mouth’s amplification tool, so these 20% are your perfect brand ambassadors, and it’s priceless.

Japanese hotels even send things back to you with no charge. Other countries do that as well, but some at the guests’ expenses.

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The confusion continues, with the confusing Thai names



Confused again …….

I am a ‘confused’ child in Thailand.

Language confusion. Culture confusion. Confusion of smile the 13 smiles. Not only that, I am also confused with Thai names!

“Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, be strong and keep reminding your self that everything happens for a reason.” John Mayer

Back home, I was told that I am good at remembering names. I remember the names of people I met many moons ago. But it’s a struggle here, with good reason.

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Safety in Bangkok: Lat Phrao 101


The most common question I get here is “How do you like Thailand vs. Malaysia?” 

I normally rattle off the standard answers: people are nice, food is good, yada yada yada.

Sometimes, I also touch on the safety component. I like it that I feel safe here, that I don’t need to be always on my toes. I don’t feel safe back home: don’t feel safe on the streets, in the car, at home. I was sick of being paranoid all the time back in Malaysia.

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#EatLikeALocal: Swensen’s Thailand Mango Oak-Rong-Thong (มะม่วงอกร่องทอง) Ice cream



It’s raining mangoes in Thailand now. Mango overload everyday!

Swensen’s Thailand has ‘mango oak-rong-thong’ ice cream for a limited time during this summer season. You can even add pandan sticky rice, 40 baht per serving to go with your ice cream.

Summer is here, keep calm and have a mango … or a scoop of mango ice cream!

Opted for budget version, one scoop 50 baht + sticky rice