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Hi all, 

I decided to move to self-hosted site after discussion with my brother and SIL during last Saturday midnight ‘mamak‘ supper. It was a rather quick decision. And thinks progressed with lightning speed.

Voila, I got my own domain within 24 hours. My-IT-geek-brother is the best!! is going to move to

I am going to move my current site over in the next two days. I hope I don’t mess up! 

I still have a lot of questions, such as if my post will be visible on WordPress reader, whether I’ll lose my 26 followers, but I’ll be brave (just like my travel), and get it done.

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Safety in Bangkok: Lat Phrao 101


The most common question I get here is “How do you like Thailand vs. Malaysia?” 

I normally rattle off the standard answers: people are nice, food is good, yada yada yada.

Sometimes, I also touch on the safety component. I like it that I feel safe here, that I don’t need to be always on my toes. I don’t feel safe back home: don’t feel safe on the streets, in the car, at home. I was sick of being paranoid all the time back in Malaysia.

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I am a Photobook addict


How many of us still print photos out to flick through in a photo album or to pass around and share with our friends and family? Not many, huh?! Instead, we post everything on Facebook, Instagram, etc. *guilty*

The whole world see it. All our 338 so-called friends on Facebook see it. But are these the people that really matters? How about your yimagujeh? How about the less technology-inclined people? Facebook penetration is still not 100%, mind you .. My mum for example, is missing out a lot on browsing pleasure, *horror* even photos of her own birthdays and holidays.
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National Labor Day in Thailand


Thailand observe Labor Day on May 1st like most countries. Employees are given a day off to celebrate this occasion, even though there isn’t much ado about it.

I was surprised to find that the government offices here are open, as they do not observe Labor Day. Instead, they observe the Royal Ploughing Ceremony . This public holiday is also sometimes referred to as Thai Farmer’s Day. The festival’s dates change annually, according to the Lunar Calendar.  This year, it falls on May 13th.

Back home in Malaysia, government offices are also closed. Why not Thailand? It’s convenient that Thai people can run those government-office errands on a public holiday, but why? 


Google MY’s Labor Day doodle for this year


Google TH’s version. Same same, but different?

So are they like above labor, in a different class altogether vis-a-vis the rest of the common people? That piqued my interest and I looked up the definition of labor.

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A trip to TOT (Telecom of Thailand) Ladprao


D finally changed our Internet Service Provider (ISP) from TOT to AIS. AIS installation was done few days back, so we had to terminate TOT service. 

This warrants a trip to TOT, as termination has to be done at TOT Customer Service Center. Told D there’s a small TOT booth at BigC Ladprao, so he walked all the way there earlier, but no, they do not handle termination service. Like that lah.

TOT is a Thai state-owned telecommunications company. So it’s dealing with government-run operation.

The nearest TOT Customer Service Center is at Soi Ladprao 90. It’s not accessible by the MRT/BTS, so we had to drive. For errands like this, we normally time it close to meal time, so it’s okay for us. Errand plus lunch outing.

TOT Customer Service Center, Soi Ladprao 90


Parking bay for approx. 10 cars


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