#EatLikeALocal: Chinese and Their ‘Fishy’ Meal


I just had a Chinese dinner with my mum, brother and an uncle who is staying over for few nights after his eye cataract surgery. 

My brother drove us to Restaurant Ah Soon, at Desa Aman, Sungai Buloh. A neighbourhood that I never know of its existence until today. This restaurant is famous for its chinese-style steamed fish.


Chinese people in general love to eat “steamed whole fish”, with bones, head and tail. The ‘real’ Chinese-fish-expert eats the fish head, sucking out all the juices and meat from the nooks and cranny, including the eyeballs. I personally think that eating fish eyes is absolutely disgusting. 

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Smellylicious Petai Fried Rice


There are foods you love, foods you hate and there are of course foods that fall somewhere in between. Hmm .. sounds like human relationship too.

Petai. You either love it or hate it. Just like durian, or even blue cheese ……… and I happen to love ’em all!

Petai is known as stink bean in English, and sataw (สะตอ) in Thai language. Thai way of cooking is normally fried ala Malaysian’s sambal petai prawn. I was horrified to find that they also eat raw petai. I am used to their raw vege culture by now, but eating petai is like kamikaze! It’s pungent, no? D said that the raw petai is roasted beforehand to bring out the smell, and then dip with nam prik chili sauce.
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Happy birthday to the most awesome-mosem niece one could ever ask for!


You and I have a bond that’s difficult to explain. The attachment is unlike the typical yiyi-niece bonding.

Your mama says that I’ve always care for you since you were a little child. I was always worry about you, always care for your well-being and also your no 1 fan.

Being an aunt is just as good as having daughter of my own. You fill my heart with so much love, fun and companionship.
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Throwback: Homemade ice popsicles 


Delicious moment and memory making those ice popsicles with nieces when I was back home in KL few weeks back.

Sis said ‘It is nice you spend time with them. Doing things like that. Are worth more than Magnum trip.’

Agreed, but hey, they enjoyed the Magnum Cafe trip too, but I think their chocolate fondue is over-the-top. I still prefer Bangkok’s version. How about you?


Homemade ice popsicles , or …

Fancy Magnum Cafe’s chocolate fondue for you?

Bangkok’s version .. So much simpler