27 hard truths about the life of an air stewardess, according to a former Singapore Girl


I hope that Tie Ponytail‘s blog post didn’t get herself into any trouble with Singapore Airlines

A friend, who is  an-ex stewardess with Singapore Airlines shared the link below on her page, relating her tendency starting sentences with sorry. My sis who is also an ex-stewardess with the airlines, tend to do the same too. 

“Apologizing gets you out of tough spots, explaining won’t. “

That’s sad. And imagine having that imprinted onto your brain that it becomes an automatic reflex!


Polite Asian passengers are almost like unicorns? Then I am definitely one! Following the footsteps of my sister, I am always polite towards flight attendant. Not chatty like some ang mohs / farangs but defintiely polite ……… unless if they are being rude or impolite to me lah.

Being a flight attendant is definitely not as glamour as it cracked up to be. My sister suffer for years with ear pain and pressure from frequent altitude change. She was jetlag all the time back then too 😢.

You don’t need to be extra nice with flight attendants, just a simple thank you and please is more than sufficient. 

Tie Ponytail’s original post is here:



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