Find Dennis search and rescue efforts


Dennis Lee, a Malaysian businessman has been missing since April 5th 2015 while trekking in Annapura Base Camp, Nepal in the Ghorapani area. The unfortunate incident happened almost three weeks before the Nepal Earthquake.

The search efforts for #finddennis still continue on, and I hope that he will be found soon. A private reward of Nepalese Rupee 500,000 (about RM 18,000) has been offered by the family of Daniel. The reward is offered to any individual or groups that could assist in finding Daniel. It seemed that Putrajaya also offered a reward of Nepalese Rupee 200,000 (about RM 7,000).

#finddennis poster in English

#finddennis poster in English

#finddennis poster in local Nepali language

#finddennis poster in local Nepali language

Find Dennis Facebook page has 1,434 likes now. ‘Liking’ for me is a way to keep abreast of the search efforts, and also to show support and hopefully, sending positive vibes to Dennis wherever he is right now. In fact not only to Dennis, but also to his family.

His wedding photo was featured in some media, and I was irked by it. Is it necessary to show his wife face? What purpose does it serve? To sell your story? Ok, I am sorry if you have gotten approval from the missus herself, but I don’t get it why you need to drag her into your story.

As an advertising person, of course I understand and I practice storytelling too … but have some compassion, shall we?



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