Malaysia Mari


Malaysia Mari. A small community of Malaysians currently working in the kingdom, providing that layer of support to each other.

I picked the group icon. Cute (narak) huh

I picked the group icon. Cute (narak) huh

I would probably name Ken as the founder of the group, since he lives in Thailand the longest (5 years now). He is probably more Thai than Malaysian now. He is also the one who initiates the ‘makan’ outings , recommending the venues and booking the table. If you can’t find his name under the rsvp list, try Ken Theeradej. Ken thinks that everyone knows this famous actor …  Err perhaps the restaurant staff thinks that you were pulling their leg lah.

Ken Theeradej (Supsabdaa magazine)

Ken Theeradej (Supsabdaa magazine)

As for the remaining of us, please meet Ivy, Adeline, Christina, Sam, Nic, Linda Leon our newest member. Joan used to be part of the group, but she left after 1 year working here, and well, working in Bangkok will require at least one dedicated post by itself.


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