Mango sticky rice everyday, because I can


Following Songkran, there will be mango season in Thailand. April is the beginning of the Thai mango season. It lasts until May/June, during the summer season. This is the time that I always binge on mango sticky rice. 

Mango is my all time favourite fruit. These days, I get my mango fix almost everyday. D’s parents have a tree or two in their yard, so I get home-grown mango plus from the supermarkets here.

M a n g o s t i c k y r i c e has gotta be my No. 1 favourite dessert here. I can eat it everyday, if it’s not that fattening. Sigh.

Mango sticky rice is known as ‘khao niaw ma muang’ in Thai language. It consists of sliced mangoes, glutinous rice and coconut cream. A plate of ultimate happiness. Waaah, imagine if am the account handler ..  my tagline is definitely that, a plate of ultimate happiness! It’s creamylicious, sweetlyicious, nuttylicious (from sesame seeds) .. HEAVENLICIOUS AND AROYLICIOUS.

I can probably spin off parody of “Dumb Ways to Die”, with dancing mangoes hahaha.


My ultimate happiness. I cann eat this everyday! (Hua Hin, Thailand, 2012. Photo credit: Pravich Vutthisombut)

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A trip to TOT (Telecom of Thailand) Ladprao


D finally changed our Internet Service Provider (ISP) from TOT to AIS. AIS installation was done few days back, so we had to terminate TOT service. 

This warrants a trip to TOT, as termination has to be done at TOT Customer Service Center. Told D there’s a small TOT booth at BigC Ladprao, so he walked all the way there earlier, but no, they do not handle termination service. Like that lah.

TOT is a Thai state-owned telecommunications company. So it’s dealing with government-run operation.

The nearest TOT Customer Service Center is at Soi Ladprao 90. It’s not accessible by the MRT/BTS, so we had to drive. For errands like this, we normally time it close to meal time, so it’s okay for us. Errand plus lunch outing.

TOT Customer Service Center, Soi Ladprao 90


Parking bay for approx. 10 cars


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Four months into the year, with two chapters closed


Reflecting on the two decisions I’ve made, should I be more adapative and reevaluate and reconstruct my values and beliefs? Is there a need to do so to adapt to the changed environment and opportunities, to the new culture in Thailand and also our neighbouring countries?

More and more I find that people don’t share my values and philosophy of life. On surface, perhaps they do. But practicing what’s being preached is another story.

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Counting one to ten in different languages


I didn’t realize I have this thing about counting from one to ten in different languages until Wil pointed this out.

So far, I can do it in English, BM, Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai … and in addition, I can also count in Vietnamese, and just recently in German language:

  1. Uno
  2. Dos
  3. Tres
  4. Cuatro
  5. Cinco
  6. Seis
  7. Siete
  8. Ocho
  9. Nueve
  10. Diez

So, altogether 7 languages now. Is it too ambitious if I set 10 languages as my goal? 


A world where you can belong anywhere


Airbnb is a brand that appeal to me on a personal level. Its proposition of belonging resonates with me.

“We imagine a world where you can belong anywhere.”

So warm and fuzzy lah 💐.

Airbnb is not about renting houses, although there are people out there doing exactly that. Yes it’s a money making business and with all due respect, there is nothing wrong in doing so. These listings are still providing alternative way of accommodation for travelers, but in my humble view point, perhaps less in making it a memorable experience.

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The secret to quickly learn a foreign language


Speak French in only 17 days? Now this is inspiring.

I like to pick up local language wherever I go. Being able to speak even that few words never fail to start conversation with local people, and bring us closer to them too.

I disclose my Thai language ability to almost everyone. Honesty is the best policy, though sometimes you do need to tell that small little white lies, but let’s try to keep it clean unless if you absolutely must lie lah. Some friends think that it’s a disadvantage speaking Thai with local people as they are native speaker. True. Sometimes I kick myself for speaking in Thai when the other party rattles off a jumble mumble of words that I couldn’t understand.

Shanti Stupa, India, 2010 (Photo credit: Pravich Vutthisombut)

To speak or not to speak? (Shanti Stupa, India, 2010. Photo credit: Pravich Vutthisombut)

Or perhaps I can try living in a remote Thailand area for 17 days?

Find Dennis search and rescue efforts


Dennis Lee, a Malaysian businessman has been missing since April 5th 2015 while trekking in Annapura Base Camp, Nepal in the Ghorapani area. The unfortunate incident happened almost three weeks before the Nepal Earthquake.

The search efforts for #finddennis still continue on, and I hope that he will be found soon. A private reward of Nepalese Rupee 500,000 (about RM 18,000) has been offered by the family of Daniel. The reward is offered to any individual or groups that could assist in finding Daniel. It seemed that Putrajaya also offered a reward of Nepalese Rupee 200,000 (about RM 7,000).

#finddennis poster in English

#finddennis poster in English

#finddennis poster in local Nepali language

#finddennis poster in local Nepali language

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